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In addition to the sermons below. sermon audio is available as an iTunes podcast.


Sometimes, God leads us through seasons of “rebuilding” – times when he breathes new life into damaged and destroyed areas of our lives. Six men in ancient Israel played vital roles as the rebuilders of Jerusalem: Zerubbabel, Joshua, Haggai, Zechariah, Ezra, and Nehemiah. In this series, we’ll pull some life lessons from their stories as we, like they, embrace the process of rebuilding.

Stand-alone Sermons

Whether from HRCC staff or some of our favorite guest speakers, these are individual sermons that don't go with any particular series.

Spoiler Alerts?

Most of us dislike when someone spoils the end of a movie or television show we haven’t seen. Yet, we’re intently curious about clues as to what lies ahead in real life. For that reason, the book of Revelation has become one of the most studied in the entire Bible. Does this book give us any “spoiler alerts” as to what lies ahead? Could any of those pertain to the days we’re now living in? HRCC will be looking at those questions (and others) in our latest series of sermons: “Spoiler Alerts? – A Study of Revelation.”.  

Coming Back Together

The Psalms of Ascent are a select collection of songs that God’s people would sing as they make the journey back together in Jerusalem for worship. This is the perfect topic to consider and spend some time with as we come back together for worship in person.  

How To: D.I.Y Faith

Sometimes well meaning church leaders tell people to just go pray, read your bible, evangelize... but they don't always teach people How To. Especially in this unique season of social distancing, we as a people of faith need to know how to do the spiritual practices that will sustain us and help us to faithfully live out our calling.  

Social Distancing Sermons

What does it mean to be the "ekklesia" - the called out ones? How do we "do church" under quarantine? What does it look like to love our congregation if we are not congregating? These are important questions that we will be considering as we learn how to BE the Church in the midst of national crisis and global pandemic. We will be making these sermons available on YouTube, and sharing the links on our various social media pages.  

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