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How To: D.I.Y. Faith

Sometimes well meaning church leaders tell people to just go pray, read your bible, evangelize... but they don't always teach people How To. Especially in this unique season of social distancing, we as a people of faith need to know how to do the spiritual practices that will sustain us and help us to faithfully live out our calling. 

How To: Pray (part 1)

This week we honored 2020 graduates. Congrats grads!

Pastor Dan introduced the "How To" series, that is meant to remind and encourage us all to take personal responsibility and ownership of our individual faith walks. He takes this week to walk us through the Lord's Prayer, and how Jesus taught us to pray.   


How To: Respond in Love

We have missed our church family throughout the shelter in place order - so we have a few messages from you all in this video! 

In the wake of the civil unrest that followed the death of George Floyd, and as a response to the reality and evils of racism, Pastor Dan sat down with our HRCC brother, Jarry Hall, to ask him about his experience as a black man in the world today. At the end of their conversation Pastor Dan invites us all to the Holy Communion table.      


How To: Pray (part 2)

Pastor Dan returns to the topic of prayer. He takes time talking about cultural practices that we often assume are the "right" way to pray and what the Bible has to say about "how to" learn the language of prayer.


How To: Hear God

Pastor Dan considers the many biblical examples of God speaking audibly to people, but spends the majority of this week's sermon teaching us what the Bible says about "how to" hear from God today. 


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